The “New A&R”


Artist and Repetoir turned into A&R and now the deffinition has broadened.
A&R used to be individuals finding talented musicians in clubs and venues but now
it has turned into music supervisors finding musicians for television shows, advertisements,
and promotions.

Currently, individuals from not just the major labels but also tiny companies are finding artists for advertisements or shows and then labels are picking them up or offering them deals. The artists that are offered these deals a lot of times just want to wait it out and have more control over their music. Although, some of the labels offer them smaller deals because the artist still wants control.

A&R here and now has a more wide definition and is becoming one of the most
important engines for the music industry. There was even an article by Josh Rabinowitz in Billboard (Febuary 16, Page 16) talking about the “New A&R”and how as long as an individual gets an artist truly heard whether it be through television, games, advertisements, print, or mobile than it is A&R.

I want to know what you guys think!

Do you guys agree?

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