Partnerships-The Schur Big Idea

 I was reading in Billboard (March 8, Page 26) by Ann Donahue an interview with Jordan Shur about how breaking artists is all about partnerships and not just getting the musicians to radio so consumers can buy their CD.  The “Schur idea” is to create a life style for his artists and their fans before a song goes to radio or individuals can buy their CDs.

Jordan Schur used to be the president of Geffen Records, which is Under Universal Music Group, and owner of Flip Records. Now he is the Founder and CEO of the small label Suretone Records, under Universal Music Group as well. Under Suretone Records, he has invested $6 million of his own money to help break artists in the right way.

Some of the Suretone artists the world will be seeing a lot of are: From First to Last, Shwayze, Meriwether, the Black Angels, Eastern Conference Champions, and the Pink Spiders.

In the interview Jordan says that he is pursuing partnerships in TV, videogames, and retail besides radio, and the biggest one of them all Maloof Family.  The Maloof family has artist Ali Lohan, Lindsay Lohan’s sister, a 20 million record studio in the Palms, and a great venue in the Pearl in Las Vegas.

Just in my article about the new definition of A&R, “New A&R”, Jordan is utilizing differnt tools to get his artists out there.  By creating a partnership with the Maloof family he now has a record studio and venue for his other roster of artists as well as Maloof’s artists.

In addition, Jordan is making the Suretone website a social networking site for his artist’s fans so the artists and their audience have a more honest relationship.  Jordan will go to the largest degree to make sure his artists and their fans are happy.

Now a days it is all about the community that surrounds artists whether those individuals are watching a musician’s music video, or the artist is playing on a television show, or you hear the artist on a videogame, etc.

1 Response to “Partnerships-The Schur Big Idea”

  1. 1 MusicMan
    March 12, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    great article!

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