The New Big Idea – Laziness Drawing Business

Geese people are getting more lazy by the second. Currently, there are small innovative businesses that will upload people’s CDs onto their iPod or computer for 50 cents to $2 for each CD. I guess it is too much for people to upload their own music onto their own iPods or computers and so they have hired others to do the dirty work.

One of the inventive entrepreneurs is former elementary teacher Bill Palmer. Palmer founded LoadPod (www.loadpod.com), which is a business of individuals that will pick up CDs and return them with in five days with the music uploaded on iPods. Labor prices run from $1.49 for less than 100 CDs to $1.19 for more than 500 CDs. To this day Palmer has 100 music loading technicians in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Tampa. Palmer marketed LoadPod through Internet advertisement and promotions and after Apple saw them they sent business Palmer’s way. Currently, Palmer has seen contracts at an average of loading 200 CDs to loading 1,200 CDs.

Just as LoadPod has started an uploading business there have been others as well. If you would like to read more about this topic and LoadPod check out the article Converting CDs to Digital Format is Music to Entrepreneurs’ Ears from redorbit.com.


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