New Electronica and Cultural Tecktonik Artist Hardrox


The artist Soulja Boy was discovered on YouTube from people mimicking the same dance from the artist. Interscope signed the artist because of the popularity of Solja Boy on YouTube.

In a similar situation, in Paris, France there is a cuture, brand, and lifestyle called Tecktonik. Tecktonik is a teenage lifestyle of distinctive dancing and people dressing up in brigh colored tight jeans and tee-shirts. Currently, Tecktonik is shown as a lifestyle on television, magazines, newspapers, in schools, etc.

In addition, Tecktonik videos are very popular on video-sharing sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, and Skyblog. In 2007 Mondotek’s hit “Alive”, distributed by Murcury and Universal, first started the Tecktonik web traffic. Later, Cyril Blanc and Alexandre Barouzdin, electro dancers and founders of the Tecktonik Killer Club (TCK), started the exaggerated arm and head gesture dance that started a wave of web users over video-sharing sites. They are the ones that made Tecktonik a brand today.

Now, that the brand Tecktonik has gone mainstream it is being distributed by France EMI. France EMI has come out with compilations with Techtonik acts including: Hardrox and Dim Chris that have been very successful.\

In the future France EMI is working on partnerships with Techtonik-branded products as well.


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