An Amazing Singer Like Freddy Should Be Signed!

Freddy is a very talented singer that was dropped by Sony a few years ago. A guy by the name of Kidd Kraddick from the radio station 97.1 found him and has been trying to get Freddy noticed all over and it has been working. Even through all of Freddy’s hardships of his loosing his old friends and him leaving school to pursue his music career at a major label and than dropped he is back on track and being recognized as a strong singer and individual. Take a look at the Kiddlive Website to read Freddy’s powerful story.

I love Freddy’s song “Find You”! Check out Find You and all his songs on Freddy.com.

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1 Response to “An Amazing Singer Like Freddy Should Be Signed!”

  1. 1 Lisa
    April 24, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    Freddy is amazing!!!! I love his music and watching the webisodes this morning learned he not only sings great, but what a great personality and such a down to earth nice guy. He is truly the total package and I can’t wait to hear what wonderful things happen to this most talented young man.

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