The Best Live Performance on IDOL of David Archuleta and One Republic

This was the best live performance on IDOL all season!

This was on the finale of IDOL so if you missed David Archuleta and singer Ryan Tedder of One Republic sing “Apologize” here it is!

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Image Source


1 Response to “The Best Live Performance on IDOL of David Archuleta and One Republic”

  1. 1 gg
    July 4, 2008 at 2:38 pm

    Shame, Shame, Shame on Freemantle, Nigel Lithogo, Simon Cowell, Simon Fuller,
    Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul for misleading and decieving the public as well as
    this phenom young true talent that should have been given the title. A three year
    old would comprehend that. You have fooled the public by pretending to “Give Back”
    Obviously Idol giving back was also another show for ratings only.

    If you truly had the character to give back, you would give back what is due to
    David Archuleta and that is the title he deserved through all his hard work. Especially balancing school when others had more time to rehearse. God says you
    will reap what you have sown and that is being unjust, deception, lies, and corruption from a company that has gotten away with their behavior too long now.
    in stealing and lies to the public. God will intervene now. There is nothing
    “American” about this show.American DID get it right. It was the
    characters from England behind the scenes controlling the outcome. Rigging the
    votes for cook. Shame on you Freemantle. You will hear fROM God who has watched
    all of your shenanigans against this young man and his fans.

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