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Australia Pop Singer Delta Goodrem Belted Her High Notes on David Letterman

Australian Singer Delta Goodrem was a great catch for the U.S.

She performed “In This Life” on the David Letterman show on 9/24/08 and was FANTASTIC!

If you like Celine Dion than you will LOVE her!

If you missed it HERE YOU GO!

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Alternative/Rock Band Your Vegas Rocked out Carson Daly Show Crowd

Rock/alternative band Your Vegas is GREAT!

If you like Coldplay than you will LOVE their music!

They just performed their hit “In My Head” on the Carson Daly Late Night Show on 9/2/08.

I love the song!

If you missed their performance than HEAR IT NOW!

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Pop Band Chester French Brings back the Culture of Music

Pop band Chester French reminds me of old pop.

They have the great hit “She Loves Everybody”.

Chester French takes me back to the age of the Beach Boys band.

Listen to “She Loves Everybody” NOW!

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High Pitched Alternative Band the Virgins’ HIT “Rich Girl”

Alternative band The Virgins have a GREAT song called “Rich Girls”.

If you like the band the Killers or MGMT than you will LIKE THEM A LOT!

The Virgins band have very unique high pitched voices all through the song.

The song has been on “Gossip Girls” and is fantastic for music licensing.

They performed “Rich Girls” on the Conan O’Brien show on 8/26/08.

If you have not heard “Rich Girls” HERE IT IS!

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Alternative/Rock Band Airborne Toxic Event Are Soaring on the Radio Playlists

Alternative/rock band Airborne Toxic Event is getting big.

I had heard them on a late night show and now they are on the radio on 98.7FM.

I think they are FANTASTIC and I LOVE their song “Sometime Around Midnight”.

If you like the alternative/rock band the Killers than you will LOVE them!

Their song “Sometime Around Midnight” is very music licensing friendly.

I could see it in the background of shows like “Heroes”.

HEAR “Sometime Around Midnight HERE!

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Singer/Songwriter Matt Nathanson’s #2 Hit “Come On Get Higher!

Singer/Songwriter Matt Nathanson has a new HIT on the radio “Come On Get HIgher”

If you like singers like John Major than you will LOVE his voice!

This is a relaxing song that you can listen to on a long car drive or anywhere.

“Come On Get Higher” brings out Matt’s folk voice compared to “Car Crash” which is more pop/rock.

HERE is the video!

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Pop/Rock singer/Songwriter Matt Nathanson’s HIT “Car Crash”

Pop/rock singer Matt Nathanson is FANTASTIC!

I LOVE his hit “Car Crash”!

If you like the band Snow Patrol than you will love them!

It is a GREAT song for music licensing.

Here is Car Crash!

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